Friday, November 25, 2005

Photography can be more than a hobby, it's what you make of it. The art of capturing images is always a challenge, and it can be very rewarding. Like they say... every picture tells a story. The images here are mainly wildlife in their natural habitat, and landscapes from our travels. Some of the avian pics are from captivity, but we prefer the real thing, the adventure, the rush.

What started as a Fuji 1.2 and a cheap underwater disposable or 4, progressed through Nikon 5700 and 5400, to what we use now.

Nikon D70 and D70S

Nikkor 18-70, 60 2.8, and 80-400 VR

Sigma 50-200 and 70-300 APO Macro

Nikon Fieldscope 82 ED and SLR Adapter

Manfrotto Monopods and Carbon Fibre Tripod

Canon S30 and Olympus 400 with underwater cases


Anonymous Papagayo said...

Hey Bruce:

Slowly getting up this morning after a little too much Flor de Cana last night but received your email and visited your web site. Great pictures! I look forward to the next set from Costa Rica....
Maynor was here yesterday and is ready to take you to as many remote and wild places this year as possible. Looking forward to seeing you both.


9:24 AM  

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